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Rehearsal Tips

Do It Out Loud

Ten Thousand silent readings of a speech will not prepare you as well as a few “noisy” run-throughs. Rehearsing aloud will help you discover phrases that may look good on paper, but that don’t sound all that wonderful when spoken. It will also give you a chance to get comfortable with hard-to-pronounce words.

More importantly, the full voice run-through will help you establish a smooth flow throughout the speech. In rehearsal, you’ll be able to tell when to pause for emphasis, and when to speak particularly quietly or loudly. You’ll know just where to repeat a phrase, or just when to make a slow, thoughtful scan of the audience.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of practicing out loud is that every time you do so, you’re actually “playing back” the speech to your ears, making it more familiar with each repetition.

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