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Speech Basics

Know the Occasion

(1) Purpose of the meeting: Is it business, a community problem, a celebration of some holiday, anniversary or cultural event?
(2) Location: hall, dining room, auditorium? In a quiet room where everyone can hear easily, you can give a longer speech packed with interesting details. Out-of-doors or in a large auditorium, where noise might distract the audience, you’ll have to keep your points short and easy to understand.
(3) Facilities: lectern, microphone, projectors, etc?
(4) Time: At what time of the day and for how long are you to speak? In a long speech (10-15 minutes), you can add colourful information. If you only have a few minutes, you have to get right to the point.
(5) Other events on the program: entertainment, business meeting with reports, other speakers, etc?
(6) After the speech: question or discussion period following your speech?

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