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Speech Basics

The Occasion - Speaking in Public

Most occasions call for short speeches.
Quite often the members of community organizations have little or no time to prepare their remarks beforehand. When they contribute to informal discussion, or speak to a motion at a formal meeting, they must speak spontaneously, and trust to conviction and the clearness of their thinking to put across the ideas they want to express.

In other circumstances the members will have time to prepare their remarks - when they are asked to
make announcements,
introduce speakers,
thank speakers,
present gifts,
accept gifts,
propose a toast.
answer a toast.
nominate a candidate for office,
welcome new members or groups,
say farewell on retiring or leaving a group.

Once in a while the circumstances will call for a longer, more detailed talk that requires a period of intensive study and preparation. Officers, committee chairmen, or spokesmen for study groups must prepare carefully and talk at some length when they
give information or explanation to a group,
take part in a panel discussion,
present their viewpoints in a symposium.
offer inspiration or entertainment.

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