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Speech Basics

Types of Speeches

1. Impromptu
The speaker is called upon on the spur-of-the moment without being informed in advance for preparation. It often takes place in business and organizational meetings.
2. Extemporaneous
The speaker is informed in advance to prepare for a speech. It is the best type of delivery for most speaking situations. Usually the speaker knows the subject, is well prepared, and is sincere in wanting the audience to receive and remember his/her ideas. Most speeches for public speaking contests fall into this category.
3. Manuscript
When very exact wording is required such as presenting policies, contracts etc., the speech has to be written out word-for-word and delivered by referring to a script.
4. Memorized
When very exact wording is required but reading from a script is inappropriate, the speaker has to write out the speech word-for-word and memorize it before presenting.

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