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Are Alien real?

Grade: 4 | Year: 2015

Have you ever thought about if aliens are real. Well if you think aliens exist, then I will tell you why I do not believe it. Saying aliens are real is like saying elves or dragons exist, if you don't believe in dragons why believe in aliens, they are all myths. Some guy probably said that there are aliens about to attack us and the rumor spread and became a myth, and so when anybody sees something weird they blame it on aliens. There has never actually been 100 percent proof if aliens are real, sure you could have seen photos of aliens but they could have been copied of the internet or photo shopped. Scientists have been searching for aliens for so long and haven't found their trace yet because they don't exist, even with all our high tech equipment we still haven't found a single alien. The only reason is because they don't exist. One reason why aliens don't exist is because most people just dress up as an alien like in movies to scare us because they think it is funny to see us frightened. That is just pure Hollywood. People sometimes do really dumb things like dress up to scare people and make people believe in aliens, but even if they make us think that aliens are real that doesn't mean they are. People could believe in all the aliens they want but that doesn't prove anything. The second reason why aliens don't exist is because if they did come to invade us how would they get here, how would they build a vehicle on their far away planet to come to the Earth ? I mean come on people ,where would they get materials and enough materials to build a spacecraft and get down to the Earth. Most people believe in this stuff because of the shows they watch on television. If they watch an alien movie where aliens come and destroy they might believe it. The third reason they don't exist is because in space there is no air so if they adapt to living with more air and they come to the Earth where they would have air, they would just simply die. Think of it like this, a fish is built to breathe without air, and when you give it in air and take it out of from the water where it adapts to,the fish would quickly die. So an actual alien came here he/she would instantly die. Same thing with the planet’s gravity, because planets are different sizes which gives them different gravitational pulls, and if they come to earth they wouldn't be able to control their body that well and since they can't control their bodies well we would simply catch them. But we haven't caught a single one yet since they don't exist. Aliens are simply just a dumb myth people talk about, like Medusa or the Hydra. If anyone says that aliens exist give them those proofs, and don't believe them.Because Alien are not real.

Thank you all so much for listening.