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Being a girl

Grade: 8 | Year: 2014

What is it like being a girl? Is it identical to what it had been described by comics or movies?

Being a girl is hard. It may be presented as an easy task, well they all say that girls just lie around at home all day while men provides, protects and pamper them. Girls only job is to find a guy and settle down. Yea that is probably the case in the 20th century. You need to wake up because this it the 21st century.

Most guys still think that girls are weak and need to be protected. They think girls are so needy. In need of their time, money or many more. I also understand the frustration of men. I mean who cares what colour or patterns of tops you should get or the many celebration women plan over the little things in your relationship. It is frustrating. Men are so easy going and they do not realise how complicated we are.

I am a really complicated girl. I want to be protected without looking weak. I want to be treated as equal. I want to be able to do all the things that guys do like MMA, doing stunts with skate boards without being judged as a tomboy or a manly girl or being asked ' what kind of girl does this'. I do not want to have any restrictions. I do not want to aim for the sky because there are still skies above a sky. What they restrict me to do makes me itch even more. I despise the reason ' girls should not do that.' What is the difference of guys doing it and girls doing it? Why do girls have to cross their legs while plastering a smile when their true feelings are locked away, waiting to burst out?

Being a girl is hard. In fact it is more than hard. There is no words to express how being a girl is like unless you are a girl yourself. Forget all the movies you saw about girls are like. Being a girl is not just something you can write in a piece of paper, you can only share in your own perspective. So do not just assume that girls life is practically the same, trust me it is more complicated than you think.