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Grade: 6 | Year: 2012

I walk into the classroom. Everyone giggles, and laughs. I try to ignore it. But, it cannot be done. I walk to my seat and sit down. A girl looks at me and whispers "Your'e so ugly today". It doesn't seem fair. I sat, and thought. Is there something wrong with me? Or, am I what they call, "The Victim"?

As you may have noticed, my speech is about bullying, so, sit back, and enjoy.

Have you ever been bullied before? Has your friends? Or did you just see it on T.V.?

Many people say, that bullying is only, hurting someone. But, it is not. We all define bullying in a different way, but here is how i define bullying: Anything that a person does on purpose to upset or hurt another person.

When you get bullied, you may feel sick, or something is wrong with you. But, I just want everyone who gets bullied to know, that nothing is wrong with you. You did not chose to get bullied.

I walk down the hall. I see a girl, getting called ugly. I try to stand up. But, I'm too scared. My mother has always told me, that no person on this world is ugly. Everyone has their own beauty! So, I believed her.

However, not all bullies stay bullies for the rest of their lives. They are most likely to change.

All night I have been researching facts about bullying. I have learned that there are 6 types of bullying. The 6 types of bullying is; Physical, Verbal, Indirect, Social Alienation, Cyber Bullying,and intimidation.

Most of you may think that Cyber Bullying is the most common. But it is not. The most common is Verbal. Verbal is not as noticeable as Physical.