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Grade: 8 | Year: 2013

A few weeks ago people in my school began talking about speeches. I’ve only written a few speeches and did pretty good. But seeing how many different topics there were to choose from, I began to feel discouraged. I never realized how hard it is to write a good speech! Who am I kidding? It’s difficult to write a speech in general. But that’s not why I became discouraged. I became discouraged because I was overwhelmed by all the emotions I felt. Hello teachers, peers and guests my name is Jessica and today I’m going to talk to you about emotions.

Emotions can be powerful or subtle but they're always there. Emotions are something that everyone experiences. But that doesn’t mean that every one has felt the same emotions. Some people feel happy, joyful or excited. But others have mainly felt sad, worthless and scared. But I guess that’s what makes the world a better place; how we can all feel and act different but still get along.

I have felt many emotions from happy to sad, confused to angry, and even excited to nervous. But know only do I feel emotions I show them. I don’t mean that whenever I’m mad I punch a hole in a wall. I mean I talk and act differently. For example when I’m sad sometimes I cry and other times I stop talking and smiling. In my opinion most people have felt sad but they don’t necessarily show it. But that’s okay because we all express ourselves differently.

When things are rough at home usually I’ll act differently by not smiling, talking or even laughing. Because I get scared that I will be talking and my voice will quiver and I won’t be able to hold in the tears that want no need to come out. I feel that I’ve had my share of love, happiness, sadness and tears but it seems that my share of pain has no limits.

At school there is so many emotions being displayed, such as happiness, sadness, anger and even disappointment. But the good thing is that there are so many teachers willing to talk to students about problems and stuff that’s bothering them. And the good thing is that the teachers don’t judge the students.

Happiness? What is it? When nothing is wrong? Or just the opposite? To me, being happy is when I’m hanging out with people I like in a positive environment. But for someone else it might be something different, because we don’t see and feel everything the exact same way. We all interpret things differently.

Over the thirteen years I’ve been around I’ve felt many emotions including sadness, loneliness, frustration, happiness, excitement, and nervous. Oh yeah I can’t forget hyper, crazy and silly!

But let’s think about it this way if we all felt the same way about everything would we even have emotions? Would I be here talking to you about them? I know from experience that reality is hard to face but the longer you wait to face it the harder it hits you.

As I was writing this speech I had second thoughts on whether or not I should take the risk of saying this speech or play it safe and say my other speech about obstacles. But then I read through the whole speech and decided that its time for me to stop worrying about what others will say and how to make them happy and finally be happy my way.