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Goal in our Life

Grade: 10 | Year: 2011

To make one’s life successful we need to have a goal. A life without a goal is like a ship without a compass.

We are lucky to have a good school with all necessary infrastructures. No matter how you had been in the last term, but what matters most today is how well you will utilize your capabilities and the facilities provided in the school in this term. You must have heard of Abraham Lincoln. He was the son of a poor woodcutter. Every day he was found reading under a street light. One day a police man on patrolling asked him, “Why are you found here so late at night?” Boy Lincoln replied instantly, “If I don’t read now how can I become the president of America”? The surprised policeman asked him, “You, you want to become the President of America?” We know that later he became the best president that America had ever seen.

How many of us do have such specified goals in our life? People who had high goals in life proved themselves to be great assets for their nations. Are we not destined to be great? Don’t we have the capabilities?

Dear friends, Specific goals in life enable us to move forward with determination. And this determination persuades us to strive hard. Are you all ready to be great? May the Almighty bless us in finding our goals and realizing them.