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Good sports builds strong individuals

Grade: 5 | Year: 2015

Team Sports Builds Strong Individuals

My heart was pumping, Pele was running towards the goal like a bullet, Sir Alex Ferguson was shout “take a shoot”, Gerald Ford said” God bless america”.Good evening adjudicators, chairperson, timekeeper, fellow competitors and audience members. The topic I have chosen to talk about is team sports builds strong individuals. Gerald Ford, the 38th president of America, Sir Alex Ferguson, regarded as the most successful managers of football in history and Pele, a Brazilian soccer player, are all well-known individuals. Well known for being exceptional at one aspect of their life.

Before becoming the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson was an amateur soccer player. He faced much difficulty in becoming a professional player, but he never gave up. Over time he improved greatly and he became the highest goal scorer for his team. After many years, he joined Manchester United as the manager, and became the first to lead his side to premiership victory, European and FA cup victory, all in the one season.

Pele is a famous soccer player, who is still considered to be the greatest of all time. He scored his first professional goal before the age of 16. After becoming a part of the Brazilian national soccer team, he scored 2 goals in the semi-final and 2 more in the grand-final, leading his team to world cup victory, all this at the age of 17. He continued to be a part of the Brazilian national soccer team for another 2 world cups. After retirement, he decided to use his fame for greater causes. Pele was awarded the International Peace prize for his work with UNICEF, became Brazil’s extraordinary minister for sports, and became an ambassador for ecology and the environment for United Nations.

These three players are just a few examples of strong individuals. You might think that I am being biased with the inclusion of three soccer players. But I did so, in order to show you how football was able to build great individuals in various ways. I believe that team sports are vital to the growth and development of any person, no matter where they are. I know that soccer has allowed me to learn new skills and improve my abilities, while having fun. One day, I also hope to become great, maybe not the president or an ambassador, but a strong individual.
Thank you.