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How would you make the world better?

Grade: 5 | Year: 2015

My topic is on how to make the world better. When I say this topic I probably already know that all of you are thinking about those big and major league problems and how people are going to solve them, maybe like pollution, and natural disasters, but have you just ever thought about, maybe even for the slightest second about all those tiny little problems in life? Or maybe even about all the little ways to make the world better? Tons of people focus on the big problems in life, and the big way to make the world better, that they never focus on the small ways to make it better that could be the most important parts. The small problems in life could even could cause big problems of possibly even bigger problems!
One tiny problem just like a few little germs or bacteria, could cause some huge problems like diarrhea, colds, fevers, chicken pox, and many more. Which will eventually spread to everybody you touch, which is probably your family and friends, then they will spread it to more and more people, and it could become disastrous. All of this just started with a few little germs and bacteria, and it became a ginormous problem. Who knew that touching just a few little germs and bacteria could cause such big problems. I don't want to frighten you, if I am, because germs and bacteria are every, and are touching us at this very moment. But the solution to this problem is just to wash your hands by scrubbing them very hard, for about 15 seconds which is about the length of the happy birthday song, and keeping your whole body clean by taking a shower at least once a day, and scrubbing your face in the morning and at night. So you see the solution to this big problem is simply by stopping it when it is still a small problem.
One tiny way that I would make the world better, is by telling people to wash their hands very hard and thoroughly, and keeping your body clean by taking a shower and washing your face in the morning and at night. This helps the world because if you don't do this it could set off a really bad chain reaction, that could be disastrous. Pretend I didn't do any of this, then I would have tons of germs just crawling on my body, and it would be easier for me to get sick. When I am still sick, my own germs will spread to people I am near, and would them them sick too. Then it would keep on spreading and spreading, until tons of people are sick. When people get these germs they could have a cold, a fever, the chicken pox, diarrhea, infections and many more. But when people wash their hands they shouldn't just get their hands wet and then run away, they should scrub their hands for about 15 seconds, which is about as long as the happy birthday song. I would also like to invent a machine specifically for this problem, how the machine would work is that whenever somebody puts their full body in it would instantly clean them in two seconds without getting wet. Then I would ask people to replicate the machine, and send it to everybody in the entire world for free. Then everybody could get themselves clean by just stepping inside a machine for two seconds, instead of running all the way up the stairs, getting yourself wet, and then having to dry yourself. So this machine is pretty much perfect. But do you know the absolute best part about this machine is? Can any of you guess? No/Yes, the best part about it is that it is pain free.
Another tiny way I would make the world better is by trying and telling everybody I know, to recycle paper, and as much paper as they can. This seems so easy doesn't it? But the reason why most people are not doing it is because they are lazy to just pick up a few pieces of paper, and toss it into the
recycling bin. Doing this will help the world because paper is made up of trees, and trees create oxygen for us to breath. Without trees we wouldn't be able to live on this wonderful planet, and experience everything we have today. Why we have to recycle the already used paper is because, then we could turn it into new fresh sheets of paper, and so we wouldn't need to cut down so many trees. After we recycle we can restore all the other trees that we cut down. Because before us humans settled here, there were twice as many trees as there are now, and if everybody on the planet recycled, then we could save so many trees considering one ton of paper can save 17 trees, and that there are 7.3 billion humans out there.

The third tiny way I would make the world better is by donating food, and asking other people if they can donate to. Which is not that hard unless you have no time at all, because all you have to do is drive to a local food bank and drop it off. If you do this it will help the world because tons of people in the world are starving, and are not lucky enough like us to have this food. There are about one ninth of the people out there who don't have food, and 795 million people who do not have enough or possibly no food at all, to live a healthy life. So if nobody donates at all, then we could lose so many people in our population, and in fact we already have a food crisis, and that is why we have to donate now. Pretend if you were one of those people who needed this food so badly, and somebody else just had some extra food lying around. Wouldn't you want them to donate? If you would want other people to donate why wouldn't they? We not only could donate food, but we could also donate water, clothing, and maybe even money.

So instead of trying to fix those big problems that might not even be possible to solve, we should just start of by solving all the little problems before they become huge problems that we can not stop. So start off by doing one little thing to help the world a day, and then we could be able to accomplish things that could be unbelievable, and that will make our world a better place. Thank you for listening to my speech,