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My mythical creature

Grade: 5 | Year: 2015

My topic is on what mythical creature I wish existed. Well ,have you ever thought about all the cool monsters and creatures that don't exist, but that you wish existed maybe like an Angel, a Griffin, the Hydra , or possibly even a Pegasus . Well I would first like to ask you all a question, have any of you seen the San Francisco flag, because that flag carries my mythical creature on it. No/yes it is a Phoenix bird on the San Francisco flag and it is the mythical creature I wish existed.
Why I chose a Phoenix bird over other creatures, maybe like a fire breathing dragon or a sea serpent is because of what the Phoenix really represents. I want it to exist because of what it represents because what is represents is really cool. A Phoenix is a really brave and strong bird that represents immortality, life after death, the sun, time, and many other things. The Phoenix is very cool and the Phoenix bird is always a male according to the legend. If you don't know what a Phoenix is or what it looks like I will explain it to you. A Phoenix bird is obviously a bird, and is related to an eagle, but some people say it is also related to a peacock. The Phoenix bird is always on fire until it dies, and is very large, about twice the size of a full grown male lion. Its color is also reddish gold, but mostly red.
Why I think a Phoenix should exist is because it isn't very dangerous and won't attack anybody unless it's threatened, unlike the hydra that is humongous and will blow everything up into ashes, and light everything on fire. One of the best things about the Phoenix bird is that there won't ever be more than one Phoenix in the entire universe, because of the Phoenix life cycle. The legend states that every Phoenix that lives will live for exactly 500 years and will build a nest right before it dies then the sun rays will hit the nest and light it on fire. Then a worm will crawl in the nest and will then turn into a Phoenix egg, after that the original Phoenix would die in the nest and would turn to ashes, and a new one would be born, and the life cycle will go on and on and on and on. Which is good, so there won't be Phoenixes taking over the world, because lots of mythical creatures lay eggs, like dragons, an Arachne, and the Hydra. The Phoenix is also very peaceful so it is not usually found in cities or places where there are people.
Another reason why I wish it existed is because it would be fun and amazing to see the creature itself., because it flies around a lot, and would be magnificent to see. The phoenix bird also never eats humans, because humans are too big and it usually eats mice, insects and other birds. It also sometimes protects humans if it becomes friends with humans. The Phoenix will always live for 500 years even if it is shot down it will come back up. The bad part about having a Phoenix is because it might light everything on fire. But some people believe that a Phoenix can control its fire so it could land on
someone without harming them. If it could really not burn someone then I could really be able to fly on a Phoenix bird and experience it. Then that would be like winning the lottery or having my wish come true.
I hope you all now realize how special and cool a Phoenix bird is and now also know what mythical creature I would get to exist and why. Thank you all so much for listening.