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No Love in this World

Grade: 9 | Year: 2013

These days all you see and read on the T.V, Internet, Books and the Newspaper is war, countries fighting with each other, terrorist blowing them self-up, people killing each other, rape, murder, child abusive, the government is being a total jackass with the money, breaking promises, making our life into a living hell. I sometimes wonder the world I live in. Living in a world surrendered by sick people, evil people. These days you don’t trust anyone around you. Strangers, the police, your own government and family. Even your friends. I say to myself sometimes, this world is pretty much fu*ked up place to live, who wants to live in this planet. I’m 100% sure that the aliens wouldn’t want to invade here. It’s a hell world! Is this hell? Who knows! Only God knows.

Technology changed itself. It’s changing every single day. It changed the world, and it changed us humans. We seem to enjoy it. All these Phones, Computers, TV, THE INTERNET! Yet what we don’t know what we are doing is killing plants, animals and even humans, making our own air toxic to us. No one knows this but everyone here killed someone! Yet most people don’t give a crap. All they want is high tech things. It’s like technology is taking over our minds. Here’s a quick little video just to get a little idea of what the future warfare will look like. Because I’m telling. It won’t be the same. By the time you’re 50 or 60 who knows what the world will look like.

9 minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P45Yn3mYhec

African! Asia! Including China and Japan. People are suffering thanks to us! Most people here don’t have a clue what are affects are! Even myself I don’t know all of them. But we all know the basics, in African you rarely see the news covering what’s going on in African. Well only what’s going on in in Syria? The WAR going on out there. People out there are fighting for freedom in the country. But the sad thing is no one gives a dam, just a few. Everyday people are dying in Syria just for freedom. They die trying. We are ignoring them because the media is giving a bad name. We abandoned them. We abandoned our world.

People out there are eating themselves to death just to survive for a few more weeks or months. We all know that’s just wrong. People don’t have homes, clothes, clean water nor food. People live in fear due to the wars going on in their country. We all know that’s all wrong! Yet only a small amount of people gives a dam. WHY ARE PEOPLE LIVING LIKE THIS? ARE THEY BEING PUNISHED? Only God knows.
3 Minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RYlAPjyNm8
All we need in this world is love. That’s what God is. How hard is that?

Thank you