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Grade: 6 | Year: 2008

Canadians might all remember 2007 as the year of climate change and Global Warming but how did it get so bad?

Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen,fellow students and teachers.A major factor in climate change is the pollution created by green house gases due to our excessive and non conscious use of fossil fuels.

Pollution comes in many ways such the way we dispose of our refuse to the carbon dioxide produced by our dependence on non renewable energy sources. Every type of pollution needs to be reduced to sustain our environment.

Think about the unstable weather conditions and natural disasters on the rise today. Hurricanes, floods, mudslides, earthquakes and drought. It will be impossible to grow and produce food to keep the population fed. Air and water is the only thing that makes life on earth possible, but now they are being polluted. Air Pollution caused by motor transportation and their exhaust gases destroys the ozone layer and allows the Sun's heat to be trapped in the atmosphere. This kind of pollution causes heat and rising temperatures on Earth.

Climate change in Canada is at a really bad point, it's affecting the Arctic mainly. Scientists are predicting in a few years from now the ice in the Arctic will melt ,the Ocean levels will rise and cause flooding in many parts of the world not just the Arctic.
Polar bears will be extinct, their habitat will be gone.

Governmental intervention is critical for helping with the problem. Research and funding is needed to find reliable, alternative, renewable energy sources such as Solar and wind energy that is less harmful to our Earth. Incentives, encouragement, education and awareness should be given to the citizens to do their part to conserve energy.

We just can't rely on the Government to help.

We as citizens can do our part by conserving energy. Small things like riding our bikes, walking, taking public transportation, lowering our thermostats down a few degrees will help.

Use lower energy bulbs such as compact fluorescent bulbs, conserve water by reducing laundry, install efficient shower heads, turning off lights when you leave a room. All these small but effective ways will put us in the right direction of conservation and save our planet.

The way we use products and dispose of our trash can also help. Recycling helps to conserve energy and resources by allowing materials to be reused over and over again, saving the energy required to produce new items.

When we go shopping, how about buying products without unnecessary bulky packaging. After all, where does the package go when you take them off?

The less waste we put into our landfills means more of our waste is being reused and recycled. Bottom line, conservation and valuable energy savings equals a cleaner, healthier and less polluted planet.