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Scouting Across Two Continents

Grade: 11 | Year: 2012

Realism ladies and gentlemen was a philosophical term of longstanding which meant a belief in the reality of ideas and was contrasted to anomalism which considered ideas only as obstructions in the 18th century the meaning of realism was almost completely reversed Schelling in 1975 defined realism as ‘Positioning the existence of the non-ego’ in contrast to anomalism this realism is based on nature that is our own cultural ethos whereas idealism is in fact the adoption of such fashion lines which have resulted in the categorisation of mankind into marginalised and isolated groups which l personally will nullify to you in my speech entitled ‘’SCOUTING ACROSS TWO CONTINENTS’’

All protocol observed I’m here to usher you into the general reaction against the whole method induced by the change of the chronological times which has turned our own cultural reality into strange uncouth codes of misconduct in our midst. Allow me ladies and gentlemen to classify my speech as the best criticism ever that which shows neither love nor hate but voluntarily strips itself on the pretext of explaining everything.

Personally I believe that racial differences have existed over time now and pretending that there are no cultural differences is superficial Dennis Whitley said and I quote ‘’Claiming to be different and actually being different is something which nature cannot prove though technological innovation and other competences alone can’’.

Indeed there is an inner struggle between doing what you feel is the right thing to do versus trying to impress the crowd and grab their attention. As an African woman would you really want to go about half naked under the shadows of catching up with the latest fashion trend or maybe as a teenager you may not really want to move around with your trousers dropped or rather skin bleach your face but deep down you feel obligated to try to fit in and then it just makes me wonder if people would go through such great lengths to fit in then what wouldn’t they do to grab people’s attention.

What’s disturbingly unique about racially targeted fashion is the enthusiasm with which it has been received by the masses here in Africa. As positive and negative judgements are set off as utterly different in influence and dignity I cannot reiterate enough how deeply offensive it is to perpetuate stereotypes of this kind. In my opinion there is nothing unique about fashion that is racially targeted, in actual fact discovering the secret of those influential people whom we try to emulate is the surest means of becoming an upright true African patron.

For as long as I have lived and witnessed this new era robe us of our African identity. The new claim in fashion is ultimately paradoxical while this has a degree of truth in it, in representing our own existence we should be passionate that is we should observe our originality from an exclusive point of view that which increasingly excludes all the others and empowers the mindset that there are deep seated inherent differences between people of different continents.

We must cultivate a constant habit of looking at everything every adopted culture in conjunction with our analogues in the same field. We must as far as possible divert ourselves from what any assumption ought to be until we have seen what it is. While it may seem counter inquisitive to scrutinise an industry built on images of exquisite for not upholding democratic principles of diversity ultimately fashion was, is and should always be a product of the culture we live in.

The world is multicultural, our looks represent our heritage and that is something to be celebrated and foster a sense of harmony in our midst. The world is much smaller and fashion is much more accessible that is why I’m not saying that I’ll change the world neither am I saying that I’ll rule the world it’s all about embracing the beauty of Africa cultures as a continent.







Tafadzwa E Tarwireyi U6 Sciences