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The Power Of Prayer

Written in: Grade 7 | Year: 2011

Prayer has greater power than all the bombs that man has built. Prayer is something different, the strength of which man cannot produce in any way.

You know that life is not an easy business. It is a very difficult thing to deal with the troubles of life.

Even if man uses all his courage to face the problems of life, he may not be always successful because manís power is very limited. More over, he may become tired and disappointed because of the hardships of the life.

There comes the importance of prayer. Prayer will give us the courage to face all the challenges of life. It is a way of freeing ourselves by giving all our problems and worries upon the hands of God, the almighty.

Look all the virtuous people around us, do you think that they have no problems in life? Indeed, they have, but they donít mind it. They transfer all their problems to the God and become completely free. Those who are proud of courage and strength, bear all the problems up on their shoulders, becomes tired and disappointed at last.

So dear friends, letís be courageous and religious. Pray to GOD, the almighty; share with him all the problems.

Thank you.


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