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The World's Most Dangerous Animals

Author: Blake | Grade: 4 | Year: 2009


Luckily we don't have to worry about these things on our way to school!!!!!

Mrs. Bark and fellow class mates. There are many cute and cuddly animals on earth, but today I am here to talk about the world's most dangerous creatures. I'm not talking about your pets at home. I mean the vicious and scary animals that share our planet.


Did you know that one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean can be found right off the coast of Canada? I'm talking about the terrifying Great White Shark. They have about 3,000 teeth that are in rows. The first two rows are for grabbing and cutting. The sharks eat seals, fish and sea lions. Sometimes sharks attack humans because they may think they are seals, especially if they see a shadow of surfers on top of the water. Sharks don't usually eat humans; they just bite them viciously to see if they're tasty. Human bones have been found in the gut of captured sharks, but never a full human skeleton. So watch out for fins in the water the next time you're at the beach.


Next, I'm going to warn you about the most dangerous snake in the world. Its name is the Carpet Viper and it lives in dry places like Africa, India and the Middle East. It will eat anything it can find. It will even eat scorpions and other snakes.

These snakes may be small but they're deadly. They cause more deaths than any other snake has before. Most people get bitten in the dark when these snakes are active. The problem is they are often in remote areas and not close to the hospital. There is medicine to stop the killer action of venom. They often hide under rocks away from the hot sun. So be careful if you ever go hiking in these countries.


Now I'm going back into the water.
These prehistoric relatives of the dinosaurs are called the saltwater crocodiles. It will eat anything that comes to close to it. like birds, fish, and mammals of any size including humans. They are extremely fast and can out run a horse. You can never escape the jaws of a salt water crocodile. They are most dangerous when people or animals are standing at the shoreline and you may not notice this hungry killer waiting nearby. So be careful where you go fishing.


Researchers say these little guys are the most poisonous animals in the world. It's the DART FROG!

They live in the rain forest all over the world. The poison from one dart frog can kill more than 800 people. Native tribes of the rain forest used this poison on the tips of their darts for hunting. Some people in these areas say they are pests because they are very dangerous if you accidentally step on them, but I think they are pretty cool because their poison is natural. Even a baby Dart Frog can kill small snakes and small mammals. They are born with their poison ready to go.

Be careful where you are walking!!!!
So I am happy that we will never meet these scary creatures as we walk from school to go home and hug our pets. But when you go hiking or swimming in the ocean, just remember they could be watching you and their POISON....VENOM.....OR RAZOR SHARP TEETH could be waiting.