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Thomas Edison

Grade: 5 | Year: 2008

Do you ever wonder where inventions come from? Or about inventions we use everyday like the light bulb, or listening to your music? Well, I’m here to talk about someone who made a difference and the world would have been a different place if he was never born. I’m here to talk about Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison is well known as a famous inventor who invented or helped improve lots of things. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio and his parents names were Samuel and Nancy. They had 7 kids and Thomas was the youngest. When Thomas was six years old he set his father’s barn on fire! Thomas Edison may have been a great inventor but he wasn’t a good student. He was sick a lot so he didn’t start school until he was 7 and after 3 months his mother decided to home school him.

So why did someone who was home schooled love science? Well when he was 9 years old his mother gave him a science book, as he read this book he fell in love with the subject. At the age of twelve he wasn’t able to hear a bird sing that’s because he was deaf in his left ear. Poor hearing was in his family. One time a jar of chemicals fell and made a small fire. The conductor was furious and stroked his ear that may have also damaged his hearing. Even though we think being deaf is a disability, Thomas Edison said being unable to hear helped him concentrate to think on his inventions.

Before I talk about his inventions I’m going to talk about how he saved someone’s life. At the age of 14 a 3 year old boy was playing on the train tracks and when the train was coming Thomas got him off the train track. The boy’s father was so impressed that he offered Thomas a job.

His first invention was when he was working on the telegraph when he was 16, he improved the telegraph to make it work better. We all know about the light bulb, but Thomas Edison didn’t invent it. Someone else did, but not very well. Thomas made many improvements to the light bulb and soon it replaced gas lamps. The lamps we have today are very good but the old gas lamps were very bad. They were smoky, they smelled bad and they started fires. It’s a good thing Thomas made improvements to the light bulb or else we might still be using gas lamps.

The final invention I’ll be talking about is the phonograph. The phonograph is what they used to listen to music before Ipods, CD players and radios. Thomas Edison was the first one to invent the phonograph. Thomas Edison did get married at the age of 24 to a girl named Mary but with all his work and inventions Mary felt very sad and alone. In 1931 Thomas Edison died, he was 84. His last words were: “The trouble with other inventors is that they try a few things then they quit. I never quit until I get what I want”. Don’t you think that’s a good lesson?