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Viet Nam

Grade: 5 | Year: 2008

From the wet rain forests to ancient ruins a dreadful war and where 50,000 is worth a drink. Can you guess what place I’m talking about ? If not, I'll tell you anyway. Ladies and gentlemen my speech is about Viet Nam. Viet Nam has 59 provinces and 5 main-controlled cities. The Whole country is 331,688 km in area not including Hoang Sa and Truong Sa islands. Viet Nam is larger than Italy and slightly smaller than Germany.

The temperatures in the southern plains, Ho Chi City and Mekong Delta, can reach up to the temperatures of 21 to 28 degrees Celsius average over the year. In the mountains, plateaus, and in the north of Viet Nam the temperatures are much more dramatic than the south. Temperatures could reach from 5 to 37 degrees Celsius in December and January now. That’s pretty cold and hot.

People who live in Viet Nam speak Vietnamese as a native language. Long ago Viet Nam used Chinese characters for their writing and later in the 13th century Viet Nam got their own set of characters. The Vietnamese characters were called Chu Nam. Other Languages are used in Viet Nam too. These are just the common languages, Tay, Muong, Khmer, Chinese and Hi Mong. French is used in Viet Nam as a second language but the language is getting less popular and recently English is getting more popular as the second language. The population of Viet Nam is Estimated beyond 84 million. Wow! that’s way too much people. It must be because Viet Nam is 5000 years old and Canada is 200 years old. Vietnamese people also can be called Viet or Kinh. Viet Nam has more than 54 minorities all over the country. Viet Nam has a state-controlled network of schools, colleges and universities.Others are also growing.

Education is imparted into 5 categories: Kindergarten, Elementry, middle school, college and university. Usually subjects are taught in Vietnamese but not always. A Large numbers of public schools have been organized all over the country.Did you know children from the age of 6 - 11 get education for free,but kids 12 and over is not free? Some families find it hard to pay for their children’s education. The number of universities and colleges increased so much in 5 years! From 178 colleges and universities and 299 in 2005 wow!
Viet Nam War

Last but not least is for the Viet Nam war. Republic of Viet Nam was rejected by US support and disagreements soon emerged over elections. US forces soon joined the guerrilla war with the national front to set free South Vietnam. Vietnamese tried to over run the south in 1968 but failed. The war continued, but all the major fighting was over until the north sent troops to the south in 1975. After going through most of the Vietnam War Vietnamese communist were banned all political parties and arrested public servant and military employees of the Republic were sent to reeducation camps. The government also got mass of organized farms and factories. Reconstructing the whole country was slow and serious problems occurred the communist region. Millions of people fled the country on crude-boats that made an international crisis. 1978 is where the Viet Army attacked Cambodia to take away Khmer Rouge from power. This made it worse with relationships with china. Finally the war ended in April 30th 1975 and over 1 million US soldiers were injured during the war and 300,000 died.

I hoped you learned a lot and you might find many things interesting, weird, or cool, well that’s all the time I got and I hope you enjoyed my speech.