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What will the future will be like?

Grade: 5 | Year: 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I will be sharing with you my opinion on what I think the future would be like. Many people have lots of questions about the future like, what will the future be like? What will be there in the future? Those are really good questions. But I think the more appropriate question would be is there going to be a future left for us.

I know you guys probably think the future will have cool robots that can do our homework and time machines that can see our past selves and teleporters that can transport us to many different places, and I think that those might exist too, but the Earth might even be destroyed by then. Because there are many bad things that are destroying us so it will be hard to live all the way there before humanity dies and the Earth begins to crumble. On Earth some of the things that are destroying us and that is making it hard for us to live is with all the pollution going on that we create, the viruses and infections that are spreading like wildfire, the natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes and many more, and the water and resource shortages in many places of the world. With all of this going on it will be hard for humanity to live up to where we have cool technology. Many things will have changed in the future, all the continents will have changed and switched places with other continents and we might have even evolved into some kind of alien that can breathe in space, or devolved back into gorillas and monkeys and apes again. The future will eventually sooner or later be destroyed, because we are creating pollution that is harming this planet and making global warming which makes the Earth warmer, and if it is too warm it won't be sustainable for life to live on. So in order to stop this from happening we have to make a difference just so we can live and humanity can live to see the future where we have cool robots and gadgets, and we can do this by using solar powered cars and buildings, and by riding bikes or walking instead of driving cars. Something else that could destroy and stop us from seeing the future is viruses and bacteria, small annoying little germs that you just can't see that get you sick or could even kill you if it is a really strong germ. Germs are getting stronger by the minute and so is our technology, but germs are growing stronger much faster than the rate our technology is increasing, think about how many people have died, we lost so many people from Ebola and barely survived it, or the Spanish flu in 1918-1919 which made 20%-40% of the world get sick and also killed 50 million people and if a new even stronger virus or bacteria appeared we might not even survive. So far the war between human and germs, the score is 1 point for the germs and 0 for the humans. Natural disasters might also wipe us out, like tornadoes and tsunamis and these are all natural so we can't stop this from happening but we can probably stop them from reaching our houses and destroying them, maybe we could create a wall that will help us protect against it so we can live and see time machines and flying cars. Another major thing that will affect us is our supply of resources, we are running out of resources and we might even someday run out of food. With this already starting in many places all over the world we will soon fall. We can stop this by saving natural habitats that contain trees and water. With all these resources right now some people think they can use all the resources they want because they have it, but we still have to conserve for the people of tomorrow, for the people of the future. With all of these major problems out of the way we can let our generation see the future where there are crazy and amazing inventions. Thank you all for listening.