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Why intelligence is not enough?

Grade: 4 | Year: 2015

Today I will be talking about why intelligence is not enough. I am going to be like your teacher and teach you all why intelligence is not enough, And you guys will all be the students including all the parents. And at the end of my speech you will be a little smarter, which means your intelligence will increase but that is not all you need in life.
Some people think all you need to have a happy life is to be smart but they are wrong, definitely wrong. Although being smart is necessary, it doesn't mean you are better than others or will rise above everyone else. You could be the smartest person in the world but that doesn't mean you will have more success than other people. I have done an IQ test on the internet and there are 7 questions, and at the end it tells you what you are by how many you got correct. If you get zero one correct you are a tired donkey born by accident, if you got 2 or 3 correct you are an ordinary person with nothing special . If you got 4 to 5 correct you are an undiscovered genius with a beautiful mind, and if you get 6 correct you are a really smart alien came here spy, and if you get all of them correct you are the master of the universe. I am guessing that all of you want to get all of them correct and be the master of the universe, but not for me. I am fine with not being the master of the universe I just don't want to be a tired donkey born by accident, because according to research intelligence only gives 15 percent of success. You need many other things in life other than intelligence. One of them is the ability to cooperate well with people because if you were doing a project and you had to do it with someone and you couldn't cooperate well, you guys would be arguing the entire time and wouldn't be able to even finish the project. You guys might not have even started the project if you were still arguing about what to do for the project. And when you are older you have to learn to cooperate with other people that work with you and if you start an huge argument you might get fired. Or even worse if you start an argument with your manager and it's such a large argument you can hear it if you are walking by the building, then you're sure to get fired. So you have to also learn how to cooperate well with anyone, not only your friends, but not with strangers on the street.

You also need to learn how to communicate well, because if you are at school and you are doing something in a group you will need to share your ideas, and if you are doing a community circle you will have to speak up and talk. And when you grow up and maybe become a lawyer or a doctor which probably all your parents want you to be, you will have to learn how to communicate with all those other people. If you are a lawyer you're going to have to speak to all those people in court, and if you are a doctor you are going to speak to tons of patients every day.

Another thing you are going to need is leadership because it helps you with dealing with people and the ability to build respect and help people communicate. And to be a leader and have leadership you have to take everyone’s ideas into one big idea that everybody can agree with because leaders have to be fair, they can't just only choose their friends, and leave everybody else alone. People become leaders because they are responsible and because people want to be like them. Most leaders don't train leadership, they don't do lessons to help them with leadership, because for them leadership is the state of mind. It doesn't matter how many lessons you have taken for leadership and how hard you have trained, leadership is about if people think of you as a leader, it is about if they think you can lead them well and if you are responsible enough and fair. It is their personality traits that make them a successful leader. This is how you will have leadership and what makes you a leader. Leadership will really help
you in life when you are grown up and you are looking for a job, because if you know how to lead people well and be responsible, managers will want to hire you, so if you have amazing leadership skills it will really help getting a job easier than if you don't have any.

There are probably more things you need in life, but the skills I have just named are really important in life. With these skills you will succeed. Life is like a building that needs to be completed, and in order to fully finish this structure you will need many steps, just like in life to be successful. In order to build that structure you will also need cooperation, communication and leadership, because in order to build that building you will need to communicate and share what you think, and how to improve it. You will need leadership to build it because you will need to lead people in order to build it or else everybody would just use their own ideas and it would end with an argument about what to build. Finally you will need cooperation because everybody needs to work together, and if only one person did it it would take far too long. So think of life as a structure, like when you get older you get stronger, more mature, bigger and smarter, and a building gets bigger, taller more stable. Now students what have you learned today, you have learned that in life you will need communication, cooperation, and leadership and that will lead you to VICTORY and SUCCESS. And a great way to improve your communication is by doing mini speeches just like this one.