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World Records

Author: Michael | Grade: 7 | Year: 2004

Have you ever tried to fit 210 drinking straws in your mouth at one time in 10 seconds or have you ever tried to put 26 people into a Volkswagon Beetle or have you ever tried to put 133 clothespins on your face?

Well there are people out there who do this for fun and just to get in The Guiness Book of Records for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Good morning teachers, students and guests, today I will be talking to you about some of the amazing, wacky, strange and slightly talented people and events. So lets all grab our remotes and turn to channel 37 where Guinness prime time is playing. "Beep"

Hi welcome to Guinness prime time, there are a lot of records out there, way to many to mention today, but right now I will only tell you about some of mv favourites.

Dustin Phillips who drank 14 oz of Heinz tomato ketchup through a regular drinking straw in 33 seconds and consumed 91 % of the bottle. Boy thought I liked ketchup.!

Then there is a guy who walked backwards from Los Angles to New Your city in 107 days and covered over 1,500 miles, boy talk about nothing better to do!

Some people don't actually have to do any thing. they are born into the book. For instance, Y ouris Edwan is the shortest man living, he is 2 ft and 1.5 inches tall and then there is the oldest man Yakischi Chuganji, born March 23, 1889 and still living today, he is 112 years old. Wow he must have had a full head of grey hair.

Other interesting things that are recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records have to do with extreme nature. The driest place on the earth is in the Atacam Dessert, Chille were the ground is so dry it is cracked and rock hard all the time! The opposite of that is in Meghalaya India (the name means "land of the clouds" were almost 12 metres of rain falls a year!!

Some place I sure don't want to live is in the Antarctica were the record low temperature was -89.2 C, and I thought it was cold here!!

But were I would really like to live is in Yuma Arizona, USA were 91 % of the possible hours of sunshine is sunny!!

You are probably wondering how all this started. Well, the Guinness Book of World Records was invented by Hugh Beaver in 1951 at a shooting ground in England. Hugh got into an argument with a friend about which was t he fasted bird in Europe, the Golden Plover or the Guse. After the argument, Hugh thought a book that would have the answer to questions like this, would be very popular. So Norris and Ross McWhirther who ran a fact finding directory in England were hired to write about this sort of stuff.

They called it Guinness World Records. The first copy was released on August 27, 1955 and went on to be a top seller by Christmas.

Guinness is a world record in itself and makes a new book every year. Guinness 2003 sold over 94 million copies in 100 different countries in 37 languages.

Thank you everybody for listening to my speech and if you think you can hold 9 live rattlesnakes in your mouth for more than 12.5 seconds go ahead and maybe you can be in Guinness 2004.
Thank you