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animal cruelty

Grade: 7 | Year: 2014

Good morning (afternoon) today I want to inform you about animal cruelty and how people mistreat their animals, this speech is intended for the cruelty of the domestic animals that have to put up with violence and hatred that their owners treat them with. What type of violence? You may ask. I will explain during the speech.

If someone was walking with their dog and repeatedly kicking it what would you do. .bsgg would you stop and confront the person? Or call the police? It’s not common to see a person committing to animal cruelty in public but it isn’t rare either. Most people choose to do it in the comfort of their homes. Whether it be not looking after it properly or causing harm to it making it do stuff that nature did not intend or… the list goes on and on. Here are some stories from newspapers five puppies were thrown down into an outhouse hole. Luckily, someone walking by heard their pitiful whining and they were all rescued. One man killed his mother’s dog with a hammer. Another dog, named Rudy, was neglected and abused so badly that you could see every rib on the dog. See these animals are mistreated to such a degree that they die. It’s sad anyone can harm an animal.

Researchers say that violence against animals often represents displaced hostility and aggression stemming from neglect or abuse by some other family member. What that means is that if a child is abused, they are more likely to be an abuser of animals. Serious or repeated animal cruelty is seen more often in boys than girls. Associated characteristics of a child who abuses animals may include those who do poorly in school, have low self-esteem, few friends, and are bullies who may also be known for skipping school, damaging other peoples’ property and have other bad behaviours.

What about the animals that are used to race? Greyhounds are breeds of dog that are specifically used to race most people don’t know what happens to them when they have been injured so badly that they can’t race any more. Some people don’t want to know what happens to them they get put down they move on they die. The same goes for horses the same for any racing animal well maybe not dolphins…