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Grade: 8 | Year: 2015

“It’s good to bunk classes sometimes, because now when I look back, marks don’t make me smile but memories do”said by A.P.J ABDUL KALAM.
Good morning sir and my dear fellow classmates.Today I am here to talk on a very beautiful topic “MEMORIES”
Memories are both good and bad. Memories don’t mean remembering 1,2,3 or x,y,z etc.But actually means the funny or tragic parts of your life held in the past.I am sure that whenever you will look back to your memories they will surely make you smile or laugh like hell.As I said memories are both good and bad.Okay let’s take an example.You and your friend did something very stupid yesterday that you thought you will die today .But guess what? you are alive!
After many years when again you will look back to this moment you will surely laugh.So friends live the moment,enjoy every second of your life and make more and more memories…..